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Shade Wars: Blac Chyna Disses Kylie Jenner and She is Waiting at the Doe!!

It's hard to believe that Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner were once cool!

So much shade has been tossed around these past couple of days and Ooooooo La La! has been keeping up with it all!

Now, you already know what all the petty posts are about... Kylie supposedly dating Tyga which is Blac Chyna's ex and also her baby father.

There's a challenge that has been making its way around social media lately called the "Kylie Jenner Challenge." It seems as if people are sticking their lips in a shot glass and sucking all the air out. After a few minutes, lips appear fuller (like Kylie's, as some suggest she has had surgery done.)

Kylie must have caught wind of this challenge because she tweeted about how she's not encouraging young girls to look like her but she also said not to be afraid to experiment with your look.

Yesterday, Blac Chyna posted a picture of herself rocking giant lips and it seems as if she's mocking Kylie. Peep the shade fest below! 

Still think Blac Chyna wasn't being petty on purpose?
She liked this photo I posted on Instagram. She knows!

There was so much shade that Blac Chyna had herself trending on Twitter yesterday!


Hold up!
Did Tyga buy them similar bracelets
like he bought them the same watch? Lol!

Bloop! Kylie said "currently" in her picture as if she's unbothered
Blac Chyna said "permanently"
She's the baby's mother, she ain't going nowhere!

Subliminal Tweets
Now lets decode these tweets Blac Chyna posted earlier on Twitter. She said she's patiently waiting four months.
Blac Chyna started following Tyga on Instagram and liked his photos!

Hmmm... Guess who turns 18 in four months? Kylie! Her birthday is August 10th. Do you think Black Chyna is waiting for Kylie to be legal so she can whoop her a**?
She also said people are so cool until they get the connect (with a needle emoji). Well, her and Kylie used to be cool, now Kylie is growing up, looking different and has Blac Chyna's man.
Blac Chyna also said she is "waiting for 1 of ya'll to jump" ....  hmm ... one of the Kardashian's?

I bet her bestie Amber Rose would jump in, you know Amber doesn't get down with the Kardashian's either!

Check out Kylie's ring ... looks like a "T" ring to me... T for Tyga?
[Photos: Instagram]
OooLaLaFam contributor: @aqua_berry_dolphin 

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