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The Game's Beef With Young Thug May Cost Him His Reality Show

Gangsta-ish doesn't mix with business. 

Last month, I posted about rapper The Game getting his very own reality show "She's Got Game" in which he'll be looking for love. Now it looks like the future of his show may be in jeopardy due to a short beef with Young Thug. 

According to TMZ, the TV crew for the reality show went on a strike after The Game pulled out a loaded gun and waved it in the air when the cameras were rolling. 

The Game was filming in a nightclub in New Orleans earlier this month and that was the same night he threatened Young Thug over dissing Lil' Wayne. 

The TV crew was not down with the gun and they "freaked out." Young Thug and The Game started going back and forth on social media and Young Thug even showed a gun in one of his videos,  that's when the crew had enough, according to TMZ. 

The Game Calls Young Thug a Girl and Says He Paints His Nails

In the end, Young Thug winded up apologizing to The Game. But, TMZ was told the TV crew would not continue shooting the show because they felt their lives were in danger.

"Our sources say show honchos capitulated, and agreed they would not film the rest of the show in nightclubs. The following shoot in Atlanta, we're told, was then cancelled," TMZ reports.
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