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SPOILERS: 'Power' Season 2, Episode 2 (Full Recap)



This post contains spoilers for season 2 of Power
Full Recap: Episode 202 "No Friends On The Street"
Jaime Has Doubts About Angela
Episode 1 of Power ended with Jaime surprising Angela at her place and asking her about work. Jaime is still unsure if he can trust her since finding out from Tommy that she's a federal prosecutor.
In my last post of spoilers, I left off asking will Jaime kill Angela? ... No, he's not.
Episode 2 starts off showing Angela and Jaime waking up together in bed, but Angela has to rush off.
"You make me feel like a booty call," Jaime jokingly says to her. "Seriously, where are headed? ... something special happening at work?"
Angela heads out for a morning run, she doesn't know Jaime is secretly following her in the park. She quickly meets up with Greg to discuss the Lobos case.
Jaime is furious when he see's Angela chatting with another guy. He then gets in the back of his black SUV and continues to spies. Shawn notices Jaime's actions and he recognizes Jaime is spying on Angela... will Shawn tell Tasha?
Jaime peeps the back of Greg's sweatshirt and realizes he works for the FBI. He calls Angela from the car while she's talking to Greg, and Jaime watches her send his call to voicemail. He leaves her a message and makes planes for them later on.
Meanwhile, Jaime has bigger fish to fry as he waits to find out the location of the shooter, Pink Sneakers.

Who can Jaime trust?

Sisterly Advice
Angela is opening up more to Jaime (not about work) and she gives him the keys to her apartment. She later runs into her sister, Paz (who doesn't have keys to her place anymore) and her sister is concerned about Angela and Jaime's relationship.
Angela talks to her sister about Jaime and says, "whenever I think we get close or getting somewhere, he pulls back."
Paz always keeps it 100 with Angela and says, "is it worth putting your life on hold for someone you barely know?"
Angela pleads her case and says she knows Jaime because they grew up in the same neighborhood back in the day. But, how well does Angela really know Jaime? ... not enough to know he's 'Ghost.'
Paz tells her sister, "It's easy to love someone when you only see them an hour a day."
Tommy Has Loose Lips
Holly is Alive and Wants Answers
"When did Angie from the block turn f*cking fed," Tommy says to Jaime.
Tommy recaps the night he killed Nomar and questions Luis' loyalty. Remember, Luis is helping Jaime and Tommy sell their product for the boss, Felipe Lobos.
Tommy and Jaime thinks it's possible that Luis set them up... maybe Luis sent Tommy to that location on purpose to kill Nomar so Tommy would get caught by the feds.
Jaime also tells Tommy about his girl Holly and the conversation they had right before she got shot.
"She called me Ghost, Tommy! She opens her mouth to me, Tommy, she'll open her mouth to somebody else."
Tommy knows he messed up by revealing too much information to Holly and says he will handle it.
He later greets his love at the hospital. Holly is in a wheel chair and is still recovering after being shot in the neck by Pink Sneakers.
He takes Holly back to his place and gets her settled in. Holly has to take pain medication and all she wants is a drink.
"It's gonna take more than a bullet, a drink and a few pills to take me down," she says to Tommy.
He promises he'll never let anyone else hurt or touch Holly.
"I'll f*cking kill anybody that even thinks about," he says to her. "When I heard about you getting hurt, I went crazy like a mother*cker."
Holly is officially Tommy's ride or die chick, lol.
She questions Tommy about the night of the shooting and says she doesn't remember what happened.
Tommy lies to Holly (like Ghost instructed him to do) and says the shooter was some random chick on drugs who was mad for not getting in the club.
Kanan Reunites With Ghost,
Who Will Find Pink Sneakers First?
Shawn isn't used to carrying a gun, the one his father gave him in the last episode for protection.
"Make sure you don't Plaxico yourself," Kanan says to his son.
Kanan finally decides he will tell Jaime and everyone else he's out of jail.
"Good because I'm sick of pretending you haven't been out," Shawn says.
Kanan tells Shawn not to tell Jaime he's been out of prison or anything about him. Shawn has a lot of secrets to keep.

Back at Jaime and Tasha's house, Jaime tells Tasha they need to control Holly since she knows his street identity. They need to keep Holly safe and close by so she doesn't snitch.
Kanan pops up at Jaime's house with Shawn and surprises Jaime and Tasha.
After the little reunion, Jaime confides in Kanan and starts talking about business. He wonders if Rolla (the person he shot and killed last season) was behind the whole Pink Sneakers shooting (which was meant to kill Jaime).
Did Rolla order the hit? We know he didn't, Kanan is playing Jaime.
Kanan continues to play nice with everyone and feeds BS to Jaime. He says Rolla could have ordered the hit before he died just so he can take out the boss.
Jaime tells Kanan he has someone out in Miami looking for Pink Sneakers.
Tommy comes over and is reunited with Kanan. Right away Tommy starts spilling out their business and says they have problems with the RSK's.
Wrong thing to tell Kanan, he can't be trusted! But, Jaime and Tommy don't know that yet.
Later on, Kanan tells Tommy and Jaime that he's ready to get back in the streets and work. Now Kanan is back on the team.
Kanan also now knows Jaime has people looking for Pink Sneakers and he wants to find her first.
Kanan shoots and kills a guy working at some type of car garage who promised to find Pink Sneakers, but the guy didn't find her.
Jaime and his crew find the dead guy later at the garage and they realize someone doesn't want Jaime to find Pink Sneakers. 
Back at the Office,
Angela Realizes Tommy is Nomar's Killer
The FBI is trying to figure out who killed Rolla and Nomar and why which they believe will bring them one step closer to their target, Mexican Kingpin Felipe Lobos who is in charge of distributing the cocaine.
The FBI questions Anibal's brother and they want his connect. Remember, Anibal was the big guy helping Jaime and Tommy move product in season 1 and he got his throat slashed by Pink Sneakers and died.
Anibal's brother doesn't give up any information and he says he doesn't know who Lobos is. Greg asks if he heard of a white guy named Ghost.
Anibal's brother says, "white guy named Ghost, it's like a f*cking cartoon." 
Angela continues along on her own investigation and she meets with Isabel, Luis' daughter.(Remember, Nomar sent Isabel the dick pictures which got him killed).
Angela says she can put Nomar's killer in jail forever but she needs Isabel's help to finish the sketch.
She tells Isabel the man responsible for the killing would've visited her father within the last couple of weeks before Nomar's death and he must be someone important.
Later on, Angela has a finished sketch of who she believes is Ghost. There are eight face recognition matches and a list of names to go with the faces.
Angela see's Tommy name on the list!
Angela is shocked that the person she went to high school with is on the list of her potential Nomar killers. But, knowing Tommy can help her because she also needs to listen to audio of the killers voice for the final clue.
She tells Greg Isabel finished the sketch and says she needs access to his computer to listen to audio that was taken the night Nomar was killed, this will allow her to recognize if it's Tommy's voice or not.
Greg refuses to give Angela access to his login so she can listen to the tapes (because she was taken off the Lobos case). But, once Greg leaves, Angela guesses his computer password and logs right into his computer.
Angela searches the FBI database and inputs Jaime's name, just to make sure he has a clean background. Nothing pops up on Jaime. Of course she wouldn't find anything because Jaime makes sure to make careful steps so he doesn't have a record of any kind.
Angela finds and listens to the voice recognition device, she hears Tommy's voice and automatically realizes Tommy is Nomar's killer, uh oh!
Meanwhile, Tommy visits Luis and asks him to make good with the Q-Dubs clique so they can get more help to move product.
Lobos has sent twice the amount of cocaine and Jaime and Tommy are now looking for outside help.
He says Luis owes him after doing his favor of killing Nomar.
"I killed Nomar, I spilled his blood for you. Now you do this for me," Tommy demands.
Luis believes the RSK's clique paid Pink Sneakers to stab him. But, Tommy believes Rolla getting killed solved all of that. (Remember, in season 1, Tommy thought Rolla sent the hit out to get Luis killed. Luis got stabbed by Pink Sneakers in the club.)
Tommy also reaches out to their Serbian associate later but he says he's dealing with someone else.
Holly Finds Out the Truth From Tommy
Holly listens to some of her voicemails that she missed from Tommy while she was in the hospital. She listens to the "I love you" voicemail and him saying he has to get out of town for a few days.
Later, she meets up with Tasha and she wants answers because she knows something isn't right after listening to the voicemails.
Tasha listens to what Jaime said earlier and she befriends Holly to make her feel comfortable around them (even though Tasha knows Holly stole her diamond earrings last season).
Tasha says since Holly is with Tommy she's family now and says whatever happened in the past is forgotten.
Holly questions Tasha about the night of the shooting. Tasha lies and tells her the same story Tommy said to Holly earlier. She says the story was on the news, it was some girl getting revenge for not getting into the club.
Holly still isn't buying this story.
Later, Tommy checks Holly about calling Jaime 'Ghost' after he told her in confidence. But, Holly says she won't play house and calls out Tommy for lying.
"I'm all in or nothing," she says.
Loose lips Tommy then spills the truth to Holly and tells her Pink Sneakers has a hit out on Jaime.  
That Sneaky Simon
Jaime has marital problems, trust issues within his team and he has to find additional help to move his drug shipment. On top of all of this, he has to deal with his new landlord for Truth, Simon Stern.
Simon is out to use Jaime and then dispose of him.
He's looking to own the Truth club along with owning the building, and he still wants to become business partners with Jaime.
Simon throws around threats and tells Jaime he can terminate his lease and make things more costly for him. (Now, don't forget, Jaime is loaded with money, but it's drug money and he's trying to save up more legit cash.)
Jaime feels as if he's backed into a corner so he plays safe and agrees to work with Simon. Uh oh, Simon is now officially his boss!
Simon and Jaime agree on a deal: Jaime has to get Truth running at 20% profit in cash and then Simon will agree to sell his stake of the club back to Jaime. No biggie, right?
 Well, later, Simon renege's on his deal with Jaime.
He introduces Jaime to the new general manager of Truth... Josh Kantos, the inexperienced nightclub owner who used to work for Jaime last season. Ha! Now Josh is Jaime's boss. Simon is sneaky!
He tells Jaime he needs to send him off to Miami to get some contracts signed. Simon also tells Josh later on that he doesn't want Jaime to reach 20% profit.
Simon plans on screwing over Jaime and tells Josh he needs to do whatever it takes to make sure the percentage isn't reached.
Simon plans on learning Jaime's tricks about the nightclub and then he plans on kicking him to the curb.
Later on, outside of the club, Josh tells Jaime that Tommy isn't welcomed in Truth anymore because Simon doesn't want "his kind" in the club. 
Jaime Finds Out Angela Isn't After Him,
Invites Her to Miami
Jaime now has the keys to Angela's place and heads over there. Before she gets home, he takes it upon himself to snoop around her apartment.
He finds and reads information in a folder containing case information about Nomar. He also finds Nomar's cell phone, the one Angela decided to keep. Jaime reads Nomar's old text messages from Isabel which warned Nomar that her father (Luis) saw the dick pictures and knows everything.
Jaime now puts it all together and realizes Angela's investigation has nothing to do with him or Tommy, so he thinks.
Angela comes home and now Jaime is a little more comfortable with her. He cooks her dinner and invites Angela to come to Miami with him, but she doesn't say yes just yet.
"Wanna talk about what's going on at work," Jaime asks Angela after realizing something is bothering her.
The stress from her job and finding out about Tommy is getting to her and she tells Jaime she wants to go to bed alone.
Later, Jaime tells Tommy about the case Angela is working on. They both think they're out of the clear and now they realize they can trust Luis.
Meanwhile, Angela is still unsure about Jaime especially since finding out Tommy killed Nomar. She has Jaime's background double checked and she receives a phone call that he's clear.
Jaime finds out an address on Pink Sneaker and she's in Miami, exactly where he's headed.
He tells Tasha that he has to go away to Miami on a business trip. She questions if he's going alone.
"This is just business, I'm not taking Angela," Jaime reassures her.
Jaime plans on using this Miami trip for Simon as a cover to kill Pink Sneakers.
"Whatever you need to get it done, I'm here to support you," Tasha says.
Poor Tasha, she's still down for her husband and doesn't know he's still seeing Angela.
Now we get to the very end of the episode. Jaime is ready to set out to Miami on his private plane. Shawn drives Jaime to his private location and says goodbye to him.
Jaime looks Shawn in his face and says, "Did you know your father was getting out of jail?"
Shawn responds, "No, I was just as surprised as you were."
Shawn has this look on his face where you can tell he hates lying to Jaime but he's torn because he doesn't want to betray his father.
But, Jaime also has a look on his face where you can tell he doesn't believe Shawn.
Jaime boards his plane and at the very last minute, Angela shows up!
She's more comfortable now after finding out Jaimie has a clean record and they head off to Miami together.
Check back soon for more spoilers!
Jaime and Angela play house Miami, the story line between Tasha and Shawn heats up, and Jaime comes face-to-face with Pink Sneakers!
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