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WATCH: 50 Cent is Salty, Says "F*ck BET" ... See Why He's Mad!

Tell 'em why you mad!

Last night, Empire star Terrance Howard took home the award for 'Best Actor' for his role as Lucious Lyon in FOX's new musical drama. 

Also nominated in this category were Anthony Anderson, Idris Elba, Kevin Hart and Jussie Smollet (who also stars in Empire). 

Empire cleaned house in these categories because Taraji P. Henson won 'Best Actress.'

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Well, this did not sit well with rapper 50 Cent who produces Starz' hit show Power

50 has previously said in interviews that Empire copied his show (read more on that HERE). 

Last night, 50 posted an Instagram video and said, "f*ck BET" for not including Power's leading actor, Omari Hardwick in the 'Best Actor' category. 

50 said, "Man everything is fixed, it's a damn shame. Everybody who preform get a award. am I really the only one who see this."

The rapper also poked fun at Diddy (again) who accidentally fell onstage last night at the BET Award's during his performance. 

Watch his rant below:

A video posted by Ooooooo La La! (@ooolalablog) on

In a way, I agree that BET should have nominated Omari ... but, I don't agree with 50 posting up the petty videos all of the time. However, they are funny as hell to watch.

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  1. Well to be honest power need better writers the dialogue at times is very confusing and they show is more centered around a love triangle or of no where..
    The plot have to many holes and at time very unrealistic..
    Hire better writers better dialogue and more depth not just for two characters but for everyone..

  2. When will you guys post the spoiler for episode 5 for power

    1. I had to delete the post

  3. I agree with the first response. The responses to things that happens in the show is just too unrealistic. I'm not saying Tasha has to be ratchet, but she would have been spoke up before now. The show is the bomb, but it can be explosive if the writers knew what they were doing.


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