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Dafuq: T.I.'s Friend Allegedly Pee'd on Drake (Drip Drop Details Inside)

So last night, Meek Mill responded to Drake with a diss record of his own called "Wanna Know" (listen to that here). Although the song was wack, Meek spilled some interesting tea in the song when he revealed Drake got pee'd on by one of T.I.'s friends:

"You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater nigga, we ain’t forget," Meek said. 

Now it seems like that story may actually be true as more details come to light. Drake reportedly got pee'd on by one of T.I's drunk friends at a Takers screening in 2010. 

A couple of sources have spoken out about the gossip, including Ozone Magazine's Julia Beverly who tweeted about it. She reports that Tip's friend is man known as Cap, or Terrance Curtis Beasley, and that he was very intoxicated.

TMZ reports that Drizzy, who attended the event, yelled "motherfucker," jumped out of his seat and ran out of the theatre when the dude started peeing in the aisle (and the pee hit Drake) about 30 minutes into the movie.