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Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly End Short Love Affair

Welp, that was fast!

While chatting with Perez Hilton on his podcast, Amber Rose admitted that she and rapper Machine Gun Kelly are dunzo! The two only dated for a couple of months. 

”No we’re not dating anymore,” Amber revealed. “I think it was just a mutual agreement. We’re still really good friends.”

It seems like Amber is through with the tour lifestyle, something she had to deal with when she was married to her baby's father, Wiz Khalifa. 

“I can’t really support a man on tour anymore. I kind of did that already and I’m just not in a space where that’s really what I want to do. I just need to focus on my son and my business. I’m dating other people and just having a good time.”

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“It’s very difficult for me to date a normal guy," she said. “I’ve tried it and they just don’t really fully understand my life. It becomes very difficult.”

When asked if she’s juggling more than one famous person right now, Amber said, “I’m dating, I’m dating."

Hmm mmm!

Amber also discussed her Slut Walk and she cleared up her feud with the Kardashians. Take a listen below to see what else she had to say:

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