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Ciara's Son Adorably Hugs Russell Wilson, Future Reacts and Amber Rose Defends Ciara

Ciara's new man Russell Wilson is really stepping up to his step daddy duties and it's so cute... but, not everyone thinks so.

Over the weekend, Ciara and her son, Future Zahir, visited Russell during his Seattle Seahawks training camp, and the most adorable photos of baby Future and Russell hugging and rocking matching jersey's circulated around the internet (peep the pics below).

This is the photo that has people talking
Russell Wilson hugs baby Future


After the photos surfaced, Future started tweeting some salty messages:

"Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance #umtoobossedup"

"Don't direct my tweets to kno punk ass hoe"

"The devil gone come Frm all angles but I'm cover wit Angels"

"Dis internet shit mad funny Yo!"

Aw, is Future mad or nah?

Just when I thought this would blow over, it turned into an even bigger discussion when Ebro Darden from Hot 97's morning Show Ebro in the Morning posted a picture of Russell, Ciara and baby Future with the caption:

"I wonder if Russell has had a convo with Future? He should & Ciara should make sure that happens, this is not OK to me."

Rapper T.I commented with his opinion on Ebro's post and said he would go off. It seems like a lot of the men see a problem with Russell hanging around and hugging baby Future.

Oh, but it isn't a big deal that T.I.'s wife, Tiny is around all of T.I.'s kids or that Ciara played step mommy to all of Future's kids while they were together.... C'mon son.

My message to these men who have a problem with Russell being around Ciara's son: be happy that baby Future
has two men in his life to care for him, and put your male ego in check.

And, another thing, no one knows the entire situation... only Ciara, Future and Russell know what the deal is within their family... everyone else, like me, we're just outsiders looking in, gossiping and judging photos.

Amber Rose - who tweeted she is so happy for Ciara - also gave her opinion about the topic as she responded to comedian Lil' Duval who also gave his two cents on the topic. He disagrees with the photo of Russell and baby Future.

Amber and Lil' Duval exchanged a number of tweets back and forth and Amber let it be known she has Ciara's back on this.

"If no other woman steps up to have Ciara's back….. Just know Muva Got it. #DoubleStandards," Amber tweeted. 

See more of Amber and Lil' Duval's Twitter exchange below:

(Click photos to enlarge)

Thoughts on this:
Is Ciara wrong for allowing her new man Russell Wilson to play step dad and grow closer to her son OR is it okay for Ciara to let another man step up to the plate and help raise her son?

Drop a comment below!

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