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Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne Involved in Huge Street Fight Over an Uber Ride (Video)

Bad Girls Club in real life!

Natalie Nunn who is known for being on season 4 of the Bad Girls Club and her husband, Jacob Payne (Marriage Boot Camp) were involved in a huge street brawl over an Uber ride Sunday night in Sacramento!

A couple claimed Natalie and Jacob were taking their Uber and all hell broke loose when a man spit on Jacob.

The man's girlfriend tried to slap Jacob, got punched by Natalie then another man bum rushed Natalie and they started to fight.

Watch the video below (Natalie has the big blondish hair and you can see Jacob by the car throwing punches):


Natalie tweeted about the incident and said her and Jacob had to protect themselves. She also said they are okay and the other couple was arrested. 

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