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50 Cent Pokes Fun at 'Empire,' Responds to Taraji P. Henson's "Thirsty" Comment + Check Out These Top OMG Moments of the Season 2 Premiere

I hereby announce 50 Cent as the King of Petty Land.

When this guy is not throwing jabs at Diddy, he's taking shots at Empire ... 50 swears Empire copied his show, Power. 

I personally think these two shows are completely different, but 50 seems to like giving Empire free marketing because he alwayssss has something to say! He's funny though, I'll give him that. 

So, it came to no surprise when the second season of Empire premiered on Wednesday and 50 started posting about the show on his Instagram page.

In the premiere, Taraji P. Henson's character, Cookie Lyon, disses 50 on the show and calls him "thirsty."

“50 Cent still taking jabs at us. Look what he put on the gram,” she said. “Thirsty a**.”

50 responded to the diss which started him on a rant about the show, watch below:

50 captioned the video, "Love you girl LMAO"

50 has absolutely no chill!


You should have seen the season 2 premiere of Empire by now, so these aren't any spoilers! 

Empire Episode 1, Season 2 Rating: C+

I only added the + because of the ending when Lucious flipped the script on the jail kingpin (played by Chris Rock) and had him killed. That scene was bad ass! 

"Kill him. Make it loud and make it long!" #savage 

But, comedians playing prison thugs... I didn't buy it, lol.

Empire started off slow as hell and there were wayyyy too many celeb guest appearances, I just wasn't feeling it that much. But, the premiere had its moments. 

Check out these Top OMG Moments of the Empire 

season 2 premiere below:

Cookie tries pimpin' out Anika a.k.a Boo Boo Kitty to this new investor, Mimi (Marisa Tomei) a lesbian billionaire who Cookie hopes invests in the Empire company so she can boot Lucious out. 

But, Lucious knows anything and everything when it comes to his company, even if he is in jail. Sorry, Cookie! It looks like Anika sleeping with Mimi didn't work. 

Cookie goes on to tell Anika, "you can't even dyke right!" LOL!

Jamal kicks everyone out, including his mama! I don't think I'm going to like Jamal this season if he continues to act like his father.

Lucious Lyon is a trip! 

And, everything about this scene at the end was just WOW! 

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