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Future and Drake Reference Karrueche, Ciara, Meek Mill & More On New Mixtape + Did Chris Brown & Meek Mill Respond?

If you haven't heard by now, Drake and Future dropped a joint mixtape Sunday (Sept. 20) evening entitled What a Time to Be Alive

There was so much hype surrounding the album and now that it's out, a couple of lyrics just so happen to stick out. 

Meek Mill and Chris Brown both posted subliminal messages Sunday night on Instagram, leaving many to take these messages are in response to the new Future and Drake mixtape.

Future and Drake both take jabs at Meek Mill on What a Time to Be Alive. Drizzy also dropped some bars about Chris Brown's ex girlfriend, Karrueche, whether or not he needs a ghostwriter, and his relationship with Serena Williams and Diddy. And, Future rapped about his breakup with Ciara.

Do these messages have anything to do with Drake? Probably so. 

Meek Mill left this comment under someone's photo about him on Instagram
Lol! Poor lil' tink tink
Meek wasn't the only one posting subliminals, Chris Brown had a message as well:

Breezy posted this picture of him and his daughter Royalty along with this message. 
Some people think this message is for Drake, peep the Karrueche lyrics below.
In all fairness, Chris could just be talking about haters in general, right?

Check out these 12 lines from What a Time to Be Alive (via: Vibe magazine):

This for my niggas on that bullshit and that nonsense,
This for my dawgs that go Karrueche with the chopsticks
– Drake (“Live From The Gutter”)
The pen is working if you niggas need some ghost lines
– Drake (“30 for 30 Freestyle”)
Kids’ll lose their lives, got me scared of losing mine
And if I hold my tongue about it, I get crucified
– Drake (“30 for 30 Freestyle”)
When the higher-ups have all come together as a collective
With conspiracies to end my run and send me a message
– Drake (“30 for 30 Freestyle”)
When you say you love a nigga do you really mean it?
– Future (“Digital Dash”)
I’m Harlem shaking through the pressure
I might put Diddy on my next shit
– Drake (“Digital Dash”)
Just walked in with a girl that’s making triple what I’m making, what an entrance
– Drake (“Digital Dash”)
You just a battle rapper, I’m an official trapper
Niggas be droppin’ subliminals nigga, they’re just some jibber jabber
– Future (“Big Rings”)
I know them tears still falling down on my last bitch
– Future (“Live From The Gutter”)
I watched my broad give up on me like I’m average
I went back inside the attic count it up and started laughing, ha
I went back inside the attic count it up and started laughing, ha
– Future (“Live From The Gutter”)
If I can give everything back to you
All this passion I got, all I ever needed
For me to move on and succeed
For me to move on and succeed
Jealousy, envy and greed
Too much of that shit I don’t need it
– Future (“Scholarships”)
Fuck all the opps and the shots that they send
I let off first then I let off again
You will not hear from them ever again
– Drake (“Change Locations”)
I know I’mma get my bitch back, woooah
– Future (“Jumpman”)
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