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Oh No He Didn't! Was Nelly Flirting on Instagram Under a Picture of His Girlfriend, Shantel Jackson!?

Is it cool for your significant other to flirt on social media? Well, it seems like it's okay in Nelly's book! 

The 40-year-old Nellyville star/rapper posted a picture of his lady love Shantel Jackson and her family on his Instagram page a couple of days ago, and one of his followers commented, "Dang you're still taken, nice pic."

Nelly actually responded and said, "yea I am .... but if I was't mama I would knock the bottom out that sh*t..!! Lol "

I read that and even I was like, woahhh! 

But, when I screenshot and posted it on Instagram, I was shocked to see some people coming to Nelly's defense and said he was just joking. Hmmm, okay.

There were some followers telling Nelly he was dead wrong for his comment. People were also in Shantel's comments, telling her to check her man, lol. 

Well, I don't know Nelly and Shantel personally, and I don't know what type of relationship they have. All I know is, if that were me, joking or not, you better watch what you say, lol.