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Rich Homie Quan Issues a Statement, Apologizes for Smoking Weed With Son on His Lap (Video)

The dumb ass of the year award goes to...

Rapper Rich Homie Quan has now issued a statement and apologized for smoking weed while his son was sitting on his lap. 

Yesterday (Sept. 24), reports surfaced that the soon-to-be 26-year-old Atlanta rapper was being investigated by Child Protective Services because of this video below which apparently recently surfaced on his Snapchat.

Quan has now responded to the backlash he has been receiving after the video started circulating around on social media, and he issued an apology earlier (Sept. 25) via Instagram. 

It seems like Quan began smoking the blunt before his son, Royal came and jumped on his lap. 

The rapper wrote, "I regret that I chose to continue to smoke once Royal jumped in my lap."

Rich Homie Quan uploaded this photo along with the statement (below) on his Instagram page apologizing to his fans and "all the parents around the world." 

SMH! What I also wanna know is... who was recording this video and why did they even post it to social media? 

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