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Tyga Gonna Learn Today! He Gets Annoyed at Kylie Jenner for Always Posting Him on Snapchat

Just when Tyga thought his girlfriend Kylie Jenner was on her grown woman ish because she finally turned 18, but she still acts like a child. LOL! 

Peep the Snapchat below, the 25-year-old rapper sounds annoyed when he tells Kylie he doesn't want to be on Snapchat. You can also hear Kylie just laughing in the background:

Aw! Puppy love is so cute.

The couple caused quite the stir recently when fans assumed the two of them were engaged. 

Tyga was featured on another Kylie Snapchat when he said "fiance," but turns out he was just reciting lines from a video he posted on his Instagram. Watch below:

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