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'Being Mary Jane' is Back! Stephen Bishop, Richard Brooks and B.J. Britt Talk Season 3

Get ready to grab your wine and schedule couch time for later because Being Mary Jane is back tonight! The two hour premiere of season 3 starts at 9 p.m. EST (Oct. 20) on BET. 

Some of the men on the show, Stephen Bishop, Richard Brooks and B.J. Britt, appeared on The Real talk show Monday (Oct. 19) and revealed a little of what us fans can expect this season.

BMJ will be more action packed and have even more sex! We'll also see the character Patrick (played by Brooks) getting a little love, alright now!

B.J. Britt (left) Stephen Bishop (center) Richard Brooks (right)

And, of course, Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) will have a hard pill to swallow after learning about David and Lisa's past fling.

Did You Know: Stephen Bishop spits hot fire! Lol, he even mentioned Empire and said he wouldn't mind appearing on the show and battling Lucious, ha!

Check out the season 3 sneak peek of BMJ HERE if you haven't seen it yet! 

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