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Breakfast Wars: IHOP and Dunkin Donut's Had a Case of Twitter Fingers, Shade at McDonald's All-Day Breakfast

Whoever runs the IHOP and Dunkin Donut's accounts must have a little hood in them, lol... especially the IHOP account. 

Ever since McDonald's recently rolled out the option where customers can purchase breakfast all-day... yes, after 10:30 a.m... some of their competitors didn't seem to take the news so well. 

Well, the shade poured in from other restaurants after McDonald's announced their breakfast all-day switch:

Check out more funny and shady tweets from the verified IHOP account:

Donkun Donuts, Denny's and even 7/11 had to get involved... they want to make sure you don't forget them! 

Dunkin Donuts even tweeted the hashtag "Breakfast Whenevs" LOL!

This is hilarious! Which restaurant serves up the best all-day breakfast?? 

I'ma have to go with IHOP on this one... their pancakes are the bomb!

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