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Victor Cruz's Nudes Are Now Leaked! + One of His Groupies Confirmed Fiance's Group Message

This story just keeps getting juicier! 

Yesterday, I posted about Victor Cruz's fiance, Elaina Watley, and how she blasted his side hoes by allegedly sending out a massive group text so they can all "exchange notes." (Read that story HERE if you missed that tea!)

Well, US Weekly is confirming that Elaina did in fact send out that group text! Although Victor didn't speak on the situation yet, US Weekly reports that one of the women he's had contact with spilled tea. This woman says Victor would tell her that him and his fiance were broken up, but she never believed him. 

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This woman confronted the NFL player after seeing the screenshots online. 

"I sent it to him and asked him what it was about and he said, 'Exactly what it reads,'" the woman, who lives in Texas, tells Us.

"He then said some of it was true and some was fake, and when I asked what was fake he said, ‘Does it matter?’" the woman adds to Us

"He’d tell me him and his fiancee were broken up and just keeping up appearances. I never believed him."

The woman detailed to Us just how the two began to communicate:

"We started texting and Snapchatting after he direct-messaged me on Instagram about four months ago. He'd always ask me to send him 'something sexy,'" she says.

"We never met…we were supposed to meet when he came to play here but because of his injury he didn’t travel with the Giants," she adds. "I’m glad we never did."

AND, if this drama isn't enough, there are these alleged shots of Victor Cruz showing off his ding dong that recently surfaced on the internet!

**UPDATED: I had to delete the NSFW pics below, just google them, they'll pop up somewhere else!**