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Janet Jackson Addresses Fans About Instagram Accounts Being Deleted Over Sharing Concert Footage

News recently hit the internet warning Janet Jackson fans NOT to post any of her concert footage and now Janet has released her own statement.

It all started when many fans posted photos and videos taken from Janet's Unbreakable tour and realized their Instagram accounts were being suspended or their uploaded media content removed. 

Instagram also sent out emails which stated: "a third party reported that the content violates their copyright."

In a Twitter and Instagram statement, Janet explained that she is not against fans sharing video clips from her concerts, but that the length is an issue.

Janet also said she has instructed her team to change their approach and allow her fans to engage socially with these videos.

Read Janet's full statement below:

When I first found out about this, I was like WHAT? Is Janet on some Prince ish? 

Prince has become so strict with copyright issues, and you would think for these older artists making these comebacks, they would be happy with all the buzz they're getting. Yes, Janet and Prince are icons, but let's keep it real, Janet hasn't released an album in several years and hasn't been on tour in forever. My point is, your fans are HYPED, don't restrict them. I guess Janet realized that and felt the need to post a statement. 

Janet is still getting the side eye from me. And, I will not be posting any Janet video clips on my Instagram page, I'm good on her. 

[Photo: Instagram]

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