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Lamar Odom is Doing Better: Transferred to Los Angeles Hospital, Breathing on His Own, Long Road of Recovery Ahead

Good News: Lamar Odom's Condition is Improving!

Lamar Odom was transported by medical helicopter from Las Vegas to a Los Angeles hospital Monday night, according to ESPN.
Lamar was accompanied by his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian who reportedly never left his side since he's been in the Vegas hospital. Lamar is stationed at a private room in a L.A. hospital.
The helicopter for Monday night's move was large enough to transport the 6-foot-10 former NBA star (via: ESPN) who had to be transported to Las Vegas by ambulance last week because he was too tall for the helicopter, near the brothel where he was found unresponsive.
Lamar has been breathing on his own, without a tube, since Friday, according to various reports. He also opened his eyes and spoke, as previously posted
Lamar already started physical therapy and will soon try to walk, sources told the Los Angeles Daily News.
[Source: ESPN]

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