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Master P Blasts Kobe Bryant, Says He's a Phony, Kobe Responds!

While former NBA player Lamar Odom is still currently in a Nevada hospital fighting for his life, people are bringing up petty issues. 

Rapper Master P, who is one of Lamar's friends, had a lot to say to the TMZ cameras. He thinks Kobe Bryant being at the hospital and supporting Lamar is phony! He also thinks Kobe could've done more to keep Lamar on the Lakers when they let him go. Master P believes Kobe and the Kardashian's are only visiting Lamar for show. 

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Peep the video below:

Kobe later tweeted in response to the rapper:

I just wanna point out one thing... Master P says he came from the streets, he keeps it real, okay... But, where is his brother C-Murder though? And, didn't he turn his back on him, his own family!? Hmmmmm ... I'll wait. 

Is someone trying to get their 15 minutes in because no one is checking for No Limits nowadays? This is not the time to try and point fingers. 

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