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WATCH: Comedian D.L. Hughley Speaks on Lamar Odom, Has Some Words for Master P

Comedian D.L. Hughley said Master P’s accusation is ridiculous and unfounded (Check out that full story HERE if you missed it). 

D.L. goes on to say, Kobe is not responsible for Lamar's downfall. Lamar is an adult who made choices in life, and unfortunately, those decisions have him fighting for is life in a hospital. 

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But, this is not Kobe’s fault, D.L. says, because nothing he could have done would have saved his friend until Lamar was truly ready for a change.

D.L. wanted to know, “How responsible are you for someone else’s addiction?” 

To accuse Kobe of not saving his friend is preposterous, he says. D.L. was not just talking as an onlooker but from personal experience:

"Anybody that knows anyone who has had a substance abuse problem knows you cannot pray, pry, talk, guilt or give anything that will change them. All the stuff you do for people with an addiction, it still is not enough to make them better. To say all Odom wanted to do was play basketball is not true, all he wanted to do was get high. You cannot just take something from someone when they feel like they have got to have it. It cannot be just you doing something, at some point they must participate in their own recovery. Whenever someone is rich and they do not go to rehab, they are not ready to give it up."

D.L. also said Master P had a brother who went to jail and we could say, "where were you!?" 

Thank you! This is basically what I said in my post from yesterday, click HERE if you missed it. 

Check out the full clip below:

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