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'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Stars Ray J & Princess Love Are Engaged!

Do we say congratulations or uh oh? Lol.

Ya'll know Ray J and Princess Love are an unstable ass couple... well, from what we see on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and read about in the tabloids. 

The LHHH couple reportedly announced their engagement on the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards on Oct. 9. The couple is pictured above at the awards show and Princess said she forgot to wear her ring. 

Just last Monday, Princess and Ray broke up on LHHH (which was taped months ago) and she told him to his face that she didn't respect him because he let her go to jail earlier this year. Remember when news swept the internet with stories saying Princess beat him up? Then we learn on LHHH Ray J sold that story to the tabloids and let her go to jail. SMH!

And, if that wasn't enough... then there was the story about how Princess allegedly threatened to commit suicide after one of their many breakups. But, this was believed to be another publicity stunt. 

What kind of man would let his woman go to jail though??

Welp. Congratulations to these two, I guess. 

Princess Love shows off her ring on Instagram.
I kind of guessed they were engaged two weeks ago
when Ray J uploaded the bottom left photo on Instagram along with
a caption that reads, "Only time will tell."
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