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Rapper Khia Spills TEA, Goes IN on Janet Jackson, Says Tamar Braxton is "Aggravating as Hell"

"My Neck, My Back" rapper Khia is back at it again! This time, she's taking shots at Janet Jackson ... again AND Tamar Braxton!

Khia was spilling all sorts of tea during a live Facebook broadcast with popular internet personality TS Madison Hinton. 

Khia goes OFF about Janet Jackson cutting her out of their music video for "So Excited"... this all happened because Janet allegedly thought Khia was sleeping with her then boyfriend Jermaine Dupri! 

Khia starts off the shade fest saying Janet's new album put her to sleep. The rapper also said she gets good sleep because "that b*tch" (she calls Janet) pays her bills. 

Child, lawd!

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But, Khia didn't stop there. She also went IN on Tamar Braxton and clowned her music and the talk show she is on, The Real. 

"Tamar is aggravating as hell on that damn show with them girls...," Khia says in the video. "Ya'll know that ain't the motherf*cking Real!"

Oop! Peep the video below, the shade begins at the 14:40 mark:

Welp! Khia said she's not mad anymore at Janet after getting ALL of that out! Thoughts?

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