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Rapper Khia Gets Dragged on Instagram For Her Michael Jackson Remix, Says Janet Jackson Wanted to Lick Her...

'My Neck, My Back' rapper Khia had social media in an uproar yesterday after her Michael Jackson "Dirty Diana" remix "Can't Let The Head Go" started making its way around. 

Khia claims the song is old and I'm not sure why all of a sudden it became relevant, but people were not pleased with her version of Michael's hit song. 

People started dragging Khia for filth in her comment section on Instagram and on Twitter. Someone even changed Khia's Wikipedia page.

(click photos to enlarge)
Someone changed Khia's Wikipedia page, LOL!
Her page is back to normal now
Khia must have peeped the negative comments about her song and tweeted she's here for the free publicity. 

She then went off on the Jackson family and also said Janet Jackson wanted to do some freaky things to her. Say whaaaat!? 

Peep Khia's tweets below:

Do you believe this chick?? 

If you haven't heard Khia's remix yet, check it out below and judge for yourself. 

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