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Soulja Boy Posts Cryptic Message on Snapchat, Later Apologizes

Rapper and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Soulja Boy needs a hug. 

One would think the "Crank That" star has it all and is happy with all the flashy cars, the money, the fame and all the girls (who constantly fight over him on LHHH). But, having all of these material things doesn't equate to happiness. 

Something seriously is wrong with Soulja. He posted a picture of a backyard on Snapchat recently along with a cryptic, suicidal message which read: "I'm going to die soon. I enjoyed my life."

Soulja Boy posted this on Snapchat recently
along with the peace sign like 'deuces, I'm out'

The next day, the 25-year-old rapper/reality star apologized for worrying his family, friends and supporters, and explained he's just going through some things.

"This life, this fame is overwhelming at times and people tend to forget we have feelings, worries and problems just like everyone else," he wrote on his Instagram page. 

Stay strong, Soulja!
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