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Benzino Throws Shade at the BET Hip Hop Awards: "We Gave Hip Hop and The Artists a Real Night to Remember"

Former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and one of the co-founders of The Source magazine, Benzino, had some words for the people over at BET. 

The BET Hip Hop Awards, which started in 2006, aired Tuesday night (Oct. 13). Benzino thinks the network straight up copied The Source Awards, and he thinks his award show is better. 

Do y'all remember the Source Awards? It was raw and uncut, perhaps a little too uncut because there were fights, a stabbing and guns being shot off. The awards show eventually came to an end in 2002 because it was just a little TOO REAL and no station wanted to air it anymore. 

The Source Awards aired during one of the Golden Age's of hip hop music. When the award show started in 1994, it was the only award show truly celebrating rap music.

Benzino said, "I gave out so many awards to so many deserving artist, and gave the streets nights to remember." 

Benzino also said BET should let him executive produce the next award show, which he clearly thinks has nothing on The Source Awards. He says BET tried to steal the blue print to his show, but he has it on lock. 

"Anybody can put on a concert, but I know how to put on an amazing award show," Benzino said. 

"We gave hip hop and artists a real night to remember," he added. 

Oh, the shade is real! Check out more of his posts below:

To further make his point, Benzino started posting throwback photos from major artists who attended The Source Awards like Jay-Z, Tupac, Left Eye, Destiny's Child, Lil' Kim and many more. 

The BET Hip Hop Awards seem to slack when it comes to major artists attending their show, unlike The Source Awards where everybody and their mama came out! 

But, one thing the BET Hip Hop Awards show are great cyphers where the viewers may see a surprise appearance from different rap legends and some great talent from up-and-coming battle rappers. 

And, if it wasn't for the BET Hip Hop Awards, I honestly wouldn't know what a lot of these young rappers with these hot club bangers look like! 

This type of show is still important to have around because us hip hop fans wouldn't even see most of these new artists even at an award show, because The Grammy's or American Music Awards won't honor them and give them their deserving awards. 

Which do you think is better... The Source Awards or BET Hip Hop Awards? 

Scroll through some of the classic throwback photos below which Benzino posted:

I miss these days! 
The Source Awards was the ish though!  

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