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Kylie Jenner Spotted Out With ASAP Rocky After Rumored Breakup With Tyga

You know how the entertainment industry works... if a celeb is spotted out with someone, especially after a breakup, rumors start to fly... in the social media world, this means they're dating... or, as the kids say, this means they're smashing. Lol.

So, it comes to no surprise that the latest reports are now linking Kylie Jenner to rapper ASAP Rocky. The two were spotted trying to duck and dodge the paps last night (Nov. 20) after leaving a club together in Los Angeles.
Word spread yesterday that Kylie and Tyga broke up and the split was nasty. 

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TMZ reported that the “freshly-single 18-year-old partied at Hyde on the Sunset Strip in WeHo until 2 a.m.

Also at the club was Justin Bieber, who had been spotted serenading his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, at the Montage Hotel in Los Angeles just hours earlier.

Just one day prior to ASAP Rocky’s outing with Tyga’s alleged ex-girlfriend, ASAP Rocky attended the rapper’s 26th birthday celebration in Los Angeles.

Maybe ASAP and Kylie are just cool people who went out to have a good time? Should we just gossip and say she moved on that quickly? Okay, that sounds better, lol. 

I'm still not buying this whole breakup thing... we'll see. 

Social media is so petty, lol
Someone said ASAP loves getting Tyga's leftovers, lol

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