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UPDATED: Say What Now!? Vivica Fox Calls 50 Cent a "Booty Snatcher" + 50 Responds!

**UPDATE: 50 Cent Responds, Scroll To Bottom**

50 Cent's ex, actress Vivica Fox, called him a "booty snatcher" earlier while appearing on Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen.

During her live appearance, Vivica responded to 50 blasting FOX television series Empire and how their ratings have been dropping since the second season premiere. 50 reposted another blog on Instragram who suggested Empire's ratings may be slipping due to having gay storylines. Vivica talked about that and said:

"First of all, you know, uh the pot calling the kettle black is all I'm going to say," Vivica said.

Vivica went on to pointing out a certain magazine cover 50 took with Soulja Boy and called him a booty snatcher! 

Yikes! Watch the clip below:

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The magazine cover in question showing 50 Cent posing with rapper Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy already responded to Vivica's shade and posted:

And, look at these questionable old tweets and photos of 50 Cent that people are posting are starting to dig up om social media, lawd!


It was only a matter of time... 50 Cent has responded and said, "Man somebody should have told her I'm a Troll. I got my asshole merit badge on now."

Uh oh! And, look what else he posted:

Now, people are all over Vivica's comments, including this throwback photo
she posted three weeks ago where she cropped out 50 cent
Look at these comments!

50 Has No Chill, He Just Keeps Going