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DAFUQ!? Toya Wright Gives Her Husband Memphitz 8 Hall Passes A Year To Cheat (Updated!)

**UPDATED: Scroll to the bottom**
What... in... the... hell!? 

Toya Wright (Lil' Wayne's baby's mother) gives her estranged husband, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright permission to cheat.... yes, you read that right.

Toya gives Memphitz EIGHT days a year to do whatever he pleases, no questions asked. She recently admitted this on the debut episode of Untying The Knot on Bravo.

According to Madame Noire, Toya came across some very suspicious photos of half-dressed women on a $10,000 camera she bought her husband when he claimed he wanted to get into photography.

Also, Toya says Memphitz does not like rules AND it seems like he's the only one in the relationship who’s allowed to cheat.

Say what now!? What kind of f*ck shit??

Of course, people were dragging Toya on social media and also telling her she could do better. She posted on her Instagram page:

Toya must have very low self esteem... I'm sorry, but this is crazy. Why accept this? Just why?

Watch the clip below and see for yourself:


Toya Wright is now saying they edited her conversation about the 8 hall passes on Untying The Knot:

Video clips of the '8 hall passes' comment have been around circulating around social media for a couple of days ago and she's just now saying something?

Hmm mmm, whatever you say, girl! 



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