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Being Mary Jane Season 3 Finale: Niecy Is Arrested and Assaulted, Kara Is In Hot Water At Work & MJ Runs Into David

TV RECAP: Being Mary Jane season 3 Finale: 
"Some Things Are Black And White"

Wow, just wow! The finale for season 3 of BMJ aired last night and my mind was blown away! This season has been absolutely great and what a fantastic job from the writers of how they touched upon all the real life issues and every debatable topic you can think of was addressed on this show. Kudos to them and what an excellent show!

David's Mother Pays A Visit To MJ, It's Over!

The finale kicks off with Mary Jane and her new boo, Eddie "the white boy" in bed planning their next date because he thinks they don't get out enough.

MJ gets a knock at her door and it's David's mother, Simone!

MJ decides to face Simone and invites her in. Simone goes on to say her son still loves MJ and she's pleading with MJ to forgive him. 

"Would you forgive your son?" MJ asks.

After Simone starts talking about being a grandmother (David has a little girl now) MJ quickly realizes she can't do this... she can't sit there and chat with her exes mother like everything is all good. 

She puts the nail in the coffin and tells Simone, "it's over!"

"The painful thing about breakups is you gotta let go of people, and dreams, and plans and behavior," MJ explains. "So, if you really want to help David, beg him not to be like you."


I like how straight to the point MJ is. That's right girl, get all those negative people and vibes out of your life!

Cece, The Hustler, Gets Hustled

MJ heads to Cece's bookstore and decides to speak to the children of the community. But, this is just the first step into putting her plan in motion: playing nice to loosen Cece up. 

Cece thanks MJ for her appearance... "a genuine thank you, unattached to the hustle," she says.

Little does she know, her ass is the one getting hustled now!

MJ shares news about a make-believe book deal and tells Cece she has a way that both of them can get paid. She wants to share her personal story of how the two of them met. 

Once Cece see's this as another big break (and more money) she falls for it! And, she agrees to meet with the "publisher." 

Got 'em!

MJ Dating A White Man Is On Blast

Instead of just having sex, MJ agrees to get out more with Eddie. They go to a karaoke spot where they're both onstage rapping the lyrics of The Sugarhill Gang's classic song "Rapper's Delight." 

Okay, Eddie!

Afterwards, MJ hugs him and is all smiles until she notices a black couple at the bar looking at her. MJ feels as if they're judging her for being with a white boy. This gets her to thinking about dating outside of her race.


Everyone soon knows about MJ's personal life because a photo of her and Eddie hugging at the karaoke place soon goes viral. 

The ladies of The Real guest star on the show as they talk about MJ and Eddie and interracial dating.

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MJ's personal dating life then spills over to her job at SNC. Her boss Greg wants her to switch up topics and relaunch her old show "Talk Back" with an in-depth look of interrelationships in this country.

At first, MJ is hesitant to do the story but she has no choice in Greg's decision. 

Kara Is In Hot Water At Work, Gets Blackballed By Marisol 

Remember Marisol... MJ's replacement during the beginning of the season? Well, she's about to become a big problem for Ms. Kara. 

Greg pulls Kara into his office. 

Kara jokingly says, "What's going on!? Am I about to get fired or something."

"Not at this point...yet," Greg snaps back.

Well, Marisol wants to file a complaint to Human Resources since Kara accused her of having an affair with the boss. 

Uh oh!

Later on, Kara sucks in her pride and apologizes to Marisol at work while it's just the two of them in the kitchen together. Kara starts playing nice and tells Marisol she needs the HR complaint to go away. 

Marisol pitches Kara a deal... to make her the anchor on her new show.


Marisol gets her way as we later see her anchoring Kara's show. Kara had no choice but to give in. But, Marisol still files that HR complaint!

That sneaky little....

She files a complaint for sexual and racial harassment. Now, Kara will be watched very closely at work by HR, and she's not allowed to have direct contact with Marisol. Kara doesn't understand how this is possible being that Marisol is the new talent on the show she produces.

So, will Kara get fired from SNC or kicked off as a producer on her own new show??

MJ Dumps Her White Man

MJ breaks up with her gorgeous hunk and straight out tells him, "I can't date you."

She actually cared that the black couple at the karaoke bar was staring at her. She said that alone consumed her and it was exhausting. MJ doesn't want to always have to explain stuff like that to Eddie.

"I have a lot of struggles in my life that I did not ask for and that I did not create," MJ tells Eddie. "You and I are not a struggle I'm going to choose for myself, okay!?"

"I like black me," MJ says. "I want black love."

Eddie responds, "I surrender. I can't give you that." 

Aww! They were having so much fun together and MJ just let color and other peoples opinions get in the way of her happiness. 

Welp, another man bites the dust!

MJ See's The Life She Should Have Had With Her Ex, David

Kara and MJ go out to eat and have a little fun and who does MJ see... David! AND, he's with his woman AND he's holding his newborn baby. 


MJ quickly glances and David notices her too, but he just keeps walking by and they don't speak. Kara notices and comforts MJ. But, MJ says she's fine.

"I don't think there is anything that can break me after the year I just had," she tells Kara.

MJ says she misses Lisa and she still feels a lot of guilt. She also thinks the car accident was a blessing and getting extorted actually opened her up. She actually says Cece reminded her of why she became a journalist in the first place. MJ is thankful with where she is at in life now and her career has taken off. 

Bye Bye, Cece!

Cece's a happy camper as she meets with MJ and the "book publishers."

She starts running off at the mouth and is just grinning and smiling. Cece goes on to say how MJ is her "blessing" which allowed her to keep her bookstore open.

"By any means necessary, we do what we have to do." Cece explains. "We look at this as a blessing now, so it's all good."

But no, Cece, it's not all good.

After Cece basically tells on herself and everything is now on tape, she gets arrested for five counts of extortion. 

She yells out profanities to MJ, calling her a bitch and saying MJ set her up.

Cece is a trip! She actually almost believed her and MJ were friends, ha! 

MJ says, she almost let Cece get away with the extortion, but she got too greedy.

"You just take it too far," MJ tells Cece. "I'm sick of people taking it too far with me!"

Yasssss, MJ!

Cece was always randomly popping up and was becoming a major problem. She would have wanted more money or would have continued to ask MJ for favors, so MJ did what she had to do! I knew MJ wouldn't let her get away with all of that, hell, she's a journalist!

As Cece is handcuffed, she says she plans to write the book herself while she's locked up. 

Oh goodness! I hope this is the last we see of her. 

A Moment Of Reflection

Towards the end of the episode as MJ is putting on her lipstick, she stares at herself in the mirror and reflects on all the craziness that has happened in her life:

- Helping her family out, her mother's sickness, etc. 
- Lisa's death
- The car accident
- Work issues
- Her slight drinking problem
- All of the men: we see flashbacks of MJ being with Andre "the married guy," David and Sheldon. 

MJ receives a text message from Niecy which distracts her from her thoughts. 

Niecy Is Arrested And Assaulted

PJ bought Niecy a new car and texts MJ about it. But, the excitement doesn't last too long. 

In the next scene, Niecy is pulled over. When the cop asks Niecy for her license, registration and insurance, she demands to know why she got pulled over. The cop says her music was too loud. 

"You mean to tell me, ya'll pulling black people over and giving tickets for listening to loud music!?," she asks.

The cop says Niecy sounds irritated, tells her to calm down and asks for her license again.

Niecy says blasting loud music is not against the law and as she's about to roll up her car window and pull off, the cop stops her. He opens Niecy's door and pulls her out the car.

Niecy yells at the cop to get his hands off her and he winds up tasing her. Niecy falls to the ground and her two kids are in the car watching. 

All of this was caught on video and quickly goes viral.

Back at the office, MJ's interns are watching the video of Niecy getting assaulted by the cops as they cuff Niecy and push her around on the ground. Little do they know, the woman in the video is MJ's family. 

In the very last scene, MJ see's the viral footage and is in shock that the video is of her niece getting assaulted. 

What will happen!? Did the cops take it too far? Did Niecy give the cops too much attitude and should she have just been quiet? What will MJ do?? 

Now, us viewers have to wait until next season!

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