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Love & Hip Hop New York: Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly, The Tale Of Two Dummies!

Love & Hip Hop New York premiered last night and Tara Wallace, Amina Buddafly and Dirty Feet Pete a.k.a Peter Gunz have the same freaking story line! 

Nothing has changed within their f*cked up love triangle of lies. Well, the only thing that changed is the fact that Tara now lives in the same apartment complex as Amina and Peter! Ain't that some sh*t!? AND, Amina agreed to it! She thought by agreeing to let Tara live in the same apartment building, Peter would be closer to his kids, hence he would come home at night.

First off, Peter is her husband, so I don't know why he spends all of his nights not sleeping at home with his wife. And, why does Amina keep allowing that BS? She's been complaining about him not coming home for two seasons now!

Their story line is worse than Stevie J's with Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

So, on the LHHNY premiere last night, we see Peter waking up next to Tara in bed in her brand new apartment. After he gets dressed and leaves, Peter walks to the elevator to head down to his apartment where Amina is up in the kitchen, waiting for him. 

All Amina did was give Peter easier access for him to THOT around. Now, Peter is only an elevator ride away from cheating. And, he won't stop... and why would he stop when these women keep allowing him to bounce back and forth between them?

All of them really irk my damn nerves! I don't know how many times I shake my head at the TV screen while watching them. 

I also think Tara is foul as hell! She got sooo upset when Peter cheated on her while she was pregnant before yet she's doing the same exact thing to Amina... Amina, who believed any and everything that Dirty Feet Pete told her! 

I swear, I think Tara was envious of Amina, and even a little bitter, and she couldn't handle the fact that her messy ass baby daddy (who she was with for 13 years!) up and married the next chick. 

Ain't no #TeamTara or #TeamAmina, bih, cuz both of them women are dumb! 

Ain't no bomb dick in the world... I don't care if Peter's dick was made of diamonds! They both look dumb as hell.

C'mon, women, do better! 

And, word is, Tara is pregnant now. Lawd... SMH.

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