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Ginuwine Walks Away From R&B Group TGT, Calls Tyrese A 'Diva' For Announcing Group Breakup On Instagram

R&B group TGT - Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank - break up!

Tyrese announced the breakup on Instagram Thursday (Dec. 17) and said: 

“I’m sorry to break the news……… TGT is done……… It’s not about fault… Business is business…” 

The Fast & Furious actor also noted that he and Tank will continue the group without Ginuwine.
This didn't well with Ginuwine who later responded with a message to Tyrese. Ginuwine called him a diva and said it was wack of Tyrese for airing out their business on social media:
“Wow really to post personal Bizns shit is a pussy move ni**a why would you do that and since you wanna do that keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA lets get it!!!!!!”  


I honestly didn't even know they were still together. They're better as solo artists anyways, so maybe this is for the best. 

But, the group might not be done after all. TMZ seems to know the real story behind the breakup of TGT...
The gossip site is reporting that the breakup was not Tyrese‘s idea... it was Ginuwine who walked away, and it could cost the group millions. Ginuwine also supposedly walked away right before the group planned on releasing another album.
Sources close to TGT told TMZ:
"...just a few days ago, Ginuwine told them he wanted out of the group."
"... he offered no explanation for his departure, and Tyrese and Tank were especially saddened by it because they owe their record label, Atlantic, two more albums -- and it wasn't easy to score that deal."
"Tyrese only made the announcement public because he and Tank want to recruit a new member ASAP ... so their Atlantic deal won't be in jeopardy. We're told there's no personal beef with Ginuwine -- even though he's the one who split. It's strictly business."

Tyrese later on posted that he's still here for the group:

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