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WATCH: New Trailer For Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak My Heart' Biopic, See What Tamar Braxton Thinks!

The first trailer has been released for Lifetime's Toni Braxton biopic Unbreak My Heart.

The film and title are based off of Toni's 2014 memoir, which chronicles her rise to fame, her chart-topping success, financial woes, struggle with illness, her divorce and raising her son with Autism. Lex Scott Davis (pictured above) will play the role of Toni. 

The singer herself will also star in the film and she's executive producing it. 

While recently appearing on an episode of The Real, Toni shared a photo of the actresses who were cast as Tamar, Trina, Traci and Towanda. 

Toni's sisters have not been a part of the casting or production process. Toni said she didn't pick any of the sisters in the biopic.

Tamar said, “Who’s that family? That’s the Raxtons!”

Find out how Tamar feels about the actors playing her sisters in Lifetime’s upcoming Toni Braxton biopic:

Will you be watching Unbreak My Heart when it premieres Saturday, Jan. 23 on Lifetime? Check out the trailer below:

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