Tuesday, December 15, 2015

La La Diaries: He Ate My Box So I Cancelled My Gym Membership To Avoid Seeing Him

*** Entry #1 ***

I walk in the gym the other day and I see "J" (I can't reveal his full name).

"Long time no see," he says with a smile.

We catch up, briefly, and he tells me he works at my gym now AND he just bought a new place in town.

"Ugh, just great!" I thought. 

Meanwhile, I'm standing there in gym clothes, looking a hot mess and the only thing I can remember is... the last time I saw this guy, his head was between my legs...

... So, I'm currently looking for a new gym because I cancelled my membership at my old place. 

I just can't workout there anymore, lol.

More to come about this "J" ... stay tuned!

- La La

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