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Oop! Safaree Samuels Confirms He's Suing His Ex, Nicki Minaj

Safaree Samuels, the man who dated Nicki Minaj for years and knew her before she was famous, is now suing her. 

It's no secret that Safaree and Nicki went trough a very public and somewhat messy breakup and shortly after she went public with dating rapper Meek Mill.

Well, no love is lost when it comes to Safaree because he plans on suing his ex for helping her become a star!

Safaree stopped by The Breakfast Club and spoke about the lawsuit for the first time. 

“If you work at a radio station for a year and then at the end of that year you just got cut and you did the work and all of that and then the station is still out doing their thing and making their bread,” he said.
The rapper also said that he never wanted it to come to that.
“I don’t even want to do all of that, I don’t even want to have to do that, but whats right is right and if the shoe was on the other foot it wouldn’t have come to that,” he added.
Safaree also said that he and Nicki Minaj do not communicate anymore. Safaree said he also has a new girlfriend that no one knows about. 
Should Nicki just cut Safaree a check and settle this thing outside of court?
Watch the full interview below:

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