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Should Transgenders Tell Their Date The Truth Right Away? Carmen Carrera Opens Up About Transitioning, Admits To Not Telling Other Men

Should transgenders tell someone they're dating upfront about their transition? 

Last night on Couples Therapy, transgender model Carmen Carrera told the other couples she is going to meet up with Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner). 

While defending Caitlyn and her decision to follow through with her transition, Carmen explained each trans person has different choices and experiences. 

Rapper Joe Budden says a penis makes you a man and Carmen said her pussy doesn't validate her womanhood. She said many trans women decide not to get the full surgery. 

Carmen also opened up about transitioning. While talking to Joe, Carmen admitted to dating guys in the past and not telling them she used to be a man. She also hid her transition from her current boo, Adrian Torres who is on the show with her as well (Adrian started dating her when she was a man).

When Joe asked Carmen if she ever slept with guys who didn't know she was transgender, she got quiet. 

Joe said straight men would have a problem with not knowing and he told Carmen, for her own safety, it's important to not be naive to how others perceive this. He said, it's responsible for Carmen to let men know. 

She said being transgender doesn't take away the fact that she's a complete woman and it doesn't define her. 

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