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La La Diaries: Rode Him So Hard, I Broke The Toilet Seat

*** Entry #4 ***

Part 1: The Beginning Of Our Fling

He told me I could have my cake and eat it too ... and that's exactly what I did ...

It's no secret I was a hot ass mess in my '20s. I've actually been told by a couple of guys, including my ex boyfriend, that I act like a dude. I was never sure how to feel about that and at first, I thought that was a good thing. Emotions off ... just have fun, right? So, I owned it.

The first time I met "DJ" was on Facebook. Yeah, I know I had a boyfriend or whatever you want to call our relationship then and I shouldn't have been doing the stuff I was doing and putting myself in these type of situations. 

My boyfriend and I were going through some things and I started to get caught up in THIS life... this single-type lifestyle of doing whatever the fuck it is I felt like doing and living in the moment... and, I was beginning to enjoy this lil' wild phase or whatever you wanna call it. 

One of my ex friends (the fifth wheel from the coochie scratcher story, remember her?) said she knew DJ because he lived in her old town. So when he Facebook friend requested me and I saw this very handsome dude, I didn't hesitate to accept his request. 

It doesn't hurt to just chat on social media, right? No biggie. My boyfriend doesn't have to know (mistake #1). 

DJ starts liking all my pics and leaving comments like "you're sexy" underneath my photos. His comments would make me smile and remind me of the shit my boyfriend stopped telling me. Us women love compliments and I was feeding into that shit. 

Him and I get to inbox chatting and whatnot and shortly after, we exchange phone numbers. Next thing ya know we're setting up a date to meet in his town.

So why didn't DJ come to me? Well, he claims he had car trouble. Hmm mmm.


I agreed to meet with him, BUT I'm no fool and I watch a lot of Lifetime movies. I was not beat to drive 30 minutes out of the way to meet up with some stranger dude all alone... I don't care how good he looks online. So, I dragged my ex friend along to meet with dude, she didn't mind. (I have a lot of stories with her ass).

So, off we go to meet DJ...

I'm nervous as hell as I'm driving to scoop him up. I'm thinking ... what if he doesn't look like he does from his Facebook pics? ... what if he doesn't like me? ... Shit, what if I'm not feeling him anymore after finally meeting him in person? What if we have nothing more to talk about?...

Too late ... we reach our destination and he instantly spots us. My ex friend gets out the passenger seat and hops in the back so DJ can sit up front. He gets in the car and I had to examine this dude. I flipped the car light on and got a good look ... alright, he's La La approved! We're good to go!

DJ and I formerly introduce ourselves to each other and we hug in the car. He tells me I'm beautiful and says I smell good. I smile and say thank you... here he goes with the compliments and shit, just gassing my head up over here! 

He says we can chill at his boys house, so off we go...

The three of us pull up outside of his boys house and DJ and I start talking. My ex friend is now kinda like the third wheel, so she heads inside DJ's boys house and leaves us alone in the car. 

At this point, I'm comfortable with DJ and I don't think he's an axe murderer or anything crazy, so I'm not trippin' on being alone with him.

It all kinda happens so fast from this point on... (I feel like I say this a lot).

Next thing you know, DJ is eating my pussy in the back seat of my car. Oh... my... GOSH! 

And, his head skills were on point! (This foreplay was nothing like the Coochie Scratcher's," lol).

I tell him I'm cumming and he keeps on going like he's going for the Gold! 

I cum .... and then I cum again. 

Damn, am I in love!?? Hahaaa! Nahhh ... I'm a thug, lol. 

No feelings, no emotions, I constantly remind myself. These dudes don't give a fuck about you ... get yours and be out.  

So, after DJ is done feasting on my box, we head inside his boys house. I don't see my ex friend around anywhere, but I damn sure hear her loud ass making moaning noises upstairs. 

Well, I guess she's good.

DJ and I make ourselves comfortable on the couch in the living room. We start kissing and I decide at that very moment, this dude is about to get this pussy! 

Oh gosh, I'm such a whore! Lol. 

Don't judge me, dammit!

DJ is sitting on the couch. I stand up, unzip his pants and I'm very impressed with the package I see before my eyes. 

I waste no time pulling my pants down and I hop right over to him in a straddle position, knees on the couch, my chest against his, and I start riding him.... slowly...

This doesn't feel like fucking ... this feels like passionate love making. 

Like about five minutes later, he notices someone else in the living room... right across from us is a kid sleeping on the other couch, dafuq!? How did we not notice this kid when we first walked in? 

DJ says, "we can be quiet."

I keep riding him, but I start moaning a lil' and he's covering my mouth. 

We decide to stop and continue the party in the bathroom. Lawd knows, I don't want this kid waking up to two adults having sex and seeing my big ol' ass just hanging out. 

We get to the bathroom, he puts the toilet seat cover down, sits on top and then motions for me to sit on top of him. 

He grips my hips and I ride him faster, harder and I continue to grind. 

Now, this is fucking. 

I cum all over that D ... now, his turn... 

He slips both of his arms under mine, hugging my back and grips my shoulders as I lean close to him with my arms around him. I could cry right now, this D is sooo good. 

As he's thrusting his manhood in me and I feel like he's close to cumming, the damn toilet seat breaks!

Oh shit!!

That interrupted our flow.

We head back to the living room and that kid is still knocked out on the couch, and damn, my ex friend is STILL upstairs! 

Yo, we were in the bathroom for awhile... so what are they doing upstairs ... round 3 and 4!?!

DJ tells me I rode the shit out of him and that it's MY fault the toilet seat broke, ha! I tell him HE broke the toilet seat and we both start laughing about it. I also tell him not to tell his boy about it.

You know what? DJ is pretty chill. 

So, my ex friend finally brings her hoe ass downstairs (lol), and her, DJ and me head on out. 

I drop DJ back off at his place ... oh, he still lives at home with his mama and that's why we didn't chill at his house (yeahhh... I know, I know). 

I knew the night was over and my ex friend was dying for me to tell her the details of what happened, plus I wanted to hear her story as well. 

But, this dude, DJ, just turned my ass out AND on the first day of meeting him! I had a feeling this wouldn't just be a one night stand. Part of me knew I was wrong to cheat but I also needed that D again in my life.... what the hell is wrong with me??

So no, this will not be the last time seeing DJ. We actually continued our lil' fling for a couple of months. Everything remains cool until HE actually starts to catch feelings and he starts tripping. 

DJ knew the deal, he knew I had a man already, why is he doing this to me!? 

I eventually tell him I'm not leaving my boyfriend and DJ says to me, "well, you can have your cake and eat it too."

Oh my! ... Who says that!?!

Don't tell me we have a pussy whipped dude here! 

Now, here this nigga goes ruining the good shit we have going on, ughhhh!

This situation starts to become a lil' messy. Stay tuned for more on DJ in an upcoming entry of La La Diaries

And, as always, thank you for reading!

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