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La La Diaries: One-Night Stand It, I Hooked All The Way Up With Coochie Scratcher's Friend

*** Entry #3***

I shouldn't have, but I did ... this is what usually happens. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?

I wasn't even going to tell anyone but ex friend #2 found the condom wrapper in the sink and ex friend #1, well she kinda was there while me and this dude did it. 

Let me back up and explain...

So, I went back over to Mistake's apartment a.k.a the "coochie scratcher" from the last story.

And, of course, my two ex friends were right along with me, because I wouldn't dare go there alone. 

In walks this other new guy, I'm gonna nickname him "New Dude" ... he's dark-skinned, fit, has a bald milk dud-type of head, not too tall, but taller than me, he was just overall sexy to me... nothing like his two friends. 

After brief introductions, the six of us chill in the living room. Ex friend #1 is with her dude on the couch, I'm next to the couch, sitting on the floor next to ex friend #2, and across from me on the other side is Mistake sitting in a chair ... and then there's New Dude sitting in another chair.

The vibe is different between Mistake and I, we're barely even talking. I think he only invited all of us back over this time because his boy insisted since he's fooling around with my girl. 


So, as we're all chillin,' drinking A LOT and watching TV, I glance over at New Dude's direction and every time I look his way, he's looking at me! 

I'm thinking, am I bugging? Does anyone else see this? 

The drinks are flowing through me and I have to pee. Damn my grandma bladder! 

I ask to use the bathroom and I head towards the back of Mistake's crib. I can feel eyes on me... I just know New Dude is checking me out... Well, I hope my ass is looking right, lol. 

I go into the bathroom, close the door, but I don't lock it, and my drunk ass flops right on the toilet to pee. 

Ewww, my ass is touching this toilet seat (this is what I'm thinking). I should've popped a squat. Ugh, I'm drunk, whatever.

Ex friend #1 is just as drunk as me and she soon follows. I let her in the bathroom, she pee's after me and we start gossiping about the boys while she's on the toilet. I tell her I'm really feeling New Dude and I think he's vibing with me too. 

I stare at myself in the mirror and I'm trying to get it together. I open the door to head back out and join the rest of the group in the living room and who do I see? ... New Dude is standing right there in the hallway, leaning against the wall! I'm guessing he has to pee too and was just waiting his turn. 

We lock eyes and I give him this half, drunk-like smile. He moves in towards me and backs me up into the bathroom. So, I'm over here on my Michael Jackson ish... drunk moonwalking (lol) my way back into the bathroom. He grabs my face and kisses me! 

It's a wrap from here. Lawd!

There's something sexy about a guy taking charge. New Dude knew what he wanted, he knew I was feeling him... he also knew I was sorta, kinda drunk, ha... but, he got it. 

Dammit, I'm so weak!

The passion just overcame me at this point... he's cuffing my face, kissing my lips, oh em geeee his lips feel good ... he's kissing my neck, cuffing my ass, rubbing his hands all over me... I swipe my hands over his crotch and can feel his hard package over his jeans. 

I want to feel more! 

I unzip his pants, his jeans fall down and I take his package in my hand and stroke it. 

Buttttt... mind you, my ex friend is still in the bathroom! 

We totally forget about her and we keep making out. Yeah we're blocking the door and whatnot, but she doesn't fight that hard to leave the bathroom either (I think she secretly wanted to watch us, no lie).

Instead of saying "let me out the bathroom," ex friend #1 goes into the shower. LOL! Like, why?

I don't even know what made her think to hop into the shower. She hides behind the shower curtain and makes a phone call. 

I remember hearing her saying something like, "oh my gosh, I'm stuck in the bathroom and she's about to have sex right infront of me!"

Who is she talking to and why is she talking about me!? 

"I can hear you!," I say to her in between moans.  

Does she think she's invisible or in another room? Like, what the fuck!? Lol. 

From here on out it all happens so fast...

My friend is standing in the shower talking shit on the phone and laughing... New Dude pulls out a condom, puts it on and puts himself in me. 

I'm bending down, gripping the toilet for support as he's standing behind me, doing his thang. I welcome his pumps, but we stop having sex midway... I forget why.. maybe because we realize my friend is still there or the fact that we're in his boys bathroom ... does he even know his boy likes me? ... I don't even know. 

So, we don't finish. 

For some reason, I'm notorious for not letting guys finish, lol (you'll read more about that in upcoming entries). 

But, I didn't even bust a nut!

We all leave out the bathroom together. No one says a word to the rest of the group in the living room, and Mistake gives me this weird stare, but he doesn't say anything.

Geez, how long were we in that freaking bathroom? Didn't seem like that long.

Ex friend #2 gets up and heads towards the bathroom... she yells out my name and tells me, "come here!"

I get up and go to the bathroom and she whispers to me, "what the fuck just happened in here!?"

I'm thinking, play dumb. I'm not sure why, but I didn't feel like telling her: "oh yeah, I just banged this stranger whom we all just met" ... I mean, I would've told her eventually though.

Then, she points to the gold condom rapper in the sink. 


So, I confess and quickly tell her, yeah I did it, I just fucked New Dude. 

She doesn't judge me but says to be careful because what if Mistake walked in and found the condom in his sink.

Whoops, my bad. That would be borderline disrespectful in someone else's house, right?

So yeah, that was the last time I went to Mistake's house. I never told him what went down in his bathroom between me and his boy, New Dude. But, I'm pretty sure his boy told him because I never got anymore texts from Mistake or invites to his place, which was all fine by me... dude can't even finger right, who knows what his sex game is like.

As for his boy, New Dude, well we kept it at the one-night stand that it was and we never finished that round from the bathroom that night.

However, I did see him again. 

Back then, I used to work in the mall and he happened to visit me once.

Note to self: Don't tell guys where you work!

New Dude and I texted a couple times after that, but nothing serious, and I was always conveniently "busy" any time he tried to make plans with me.


It's not that he was wack or anything. His D felt great, but I felt like it was just a moment... the moment passed and I was over it ... over him and over his friends as well. 

I was also slightly embarrassed that I had another one-night stand. Yes, another! (I'll eventually get to the first one soon).

And, I don't know what it is with bathrooms... but, this wouldn't be the last time I hook up with a guy in his boys bathroom. 

I know, I know, I'm a hot ass mess. 

Stay tuned for future diary entries!

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