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Oop! KeKe Wyatt Shades Syleena Johnson, Says 'R&B Divas Atlanta' Got Cancelled Because Of Her & More!

Last year, TV One's hit show R&B Divas: Atlanta got cancelled and now it seems like we know why! 

Well, according to R&B songstress KeKe Wyatt, the reality show got canned because she quit!

In her recent interview with entertainment site, Team Curtains, KeKe said:

"I quit, so they cancelled, I'm sorry."

The very outspoken diva even expressed how she feels about her former R&B Divas co-star, Syleena Johnson. KeKe rolls her eyes and falls asleep (jokingly) when Syleena's name is mentioned! Ha!

KeKe says only Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert from the show are her actual friends in real life. 

The 33-year-old singer is also a mom of eight, yes EIGHT, and she discussed with Team Curtainsa possible spin-off show with her family, her thoughts on Erykah Badu, as well as her upcoming album (which is reportedly due out on her birthday, March 10).

Check out the entire interview below where you can see KeKe's fun, silly and shady side as she chops it up with Team Curtains ... and, KeKe whispers, "tell them to lick a p*ssy." Lol! Dafuq!?

Remember this throwback jam below? ... "My First Love" with KeKe and Avant ... Yasss! (Did You Know? KeKe recorded this song when she was only 15 years old!)

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