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La La Diaries: Did This Dude Just Jerk Off On My Butt? Really Though!?

*** Entry #5 ***

The first time I cheated was with this dude ... let's just call him "Mr. NFL" for this entry (I met him while he was playing college football).

I swore I would NEVER date/fuck an athlete because they're so typical. So how did this guy end up inside me? 

Mr. NFL and I met some years back. It was a late night at a Fox & Hound restaurant in New Jersey. It was a typical girls night out with my college friend and co-worker "Dani." 

A group of us met up and we're just throwing back beer, mixed drinks, shots, you name it! Anything handed to me in a glass or bottle was going down my throat that night ... this is when I was younger and when my metabolism could handle all the liquor and my body could handle all those hangovers. 

We're at the table drinking then all of a sudden, a couple of tall and muscular black guys walk over. They surround our table and one has his eyes set dead on me. I peep that shit. I peep everything, but I act like I don't. 

This cute dude, "Mr. NFL" leans in to talk to me, but he has to shout over the music, TVs and the crowd just so I could hear him. We exchange names and I give him my fake bar name which is "Tasha" (I still use that name today when I feel like playing around with people, lol).

My friend Dani calls me by my government and I give her the "REALLY!?!" look. 

I confess to Mr. NFL and tell him my real name. I open up just a little more and tell him where I'm going to school and that my friend and I are servers at the same restaurant, we just came out to have a good time.

So when we eventually leave, I decide to meet Mr. NFL at his place which is right off campus. 

Since I'm the driver, that means I make the rules. So, my friend Dani has no choice but to roll with me. And, one of our other coworkers "Manny" who is drunk as fuck, climbs into the backseat of my car and passes out. I'm not sure if Manny thinks I'm taking him straight home, but I'm not. Oh well.

I follow Mr. NFL in my car all the way to his place. Dani decides to stay in the car while I head inside, and Manny is still passed the fuck out in my backseat. 

I tell Dani I'll be right back, I'm just gonna step inside for like five minutes. 

Five minutes turned into forever!

Mr. NFL lived with roommates, so we quietly entered his house and went straight to his room. He closed and locked his room door. We sat on his bed (a single bed, might I add) and he turns the TV on. 

We're on the bed just chillin,' talking and watching TV... So yeah, next thing I know, Mr. NFL is on top of me, putting on a condom and I'm just going with the flow.

I didn't even get a peek at what he was working with, damn! 

There wasn't even a lot of foreplay, just minor kissing. I actually didn't need much because I was wet as hell and he slid right in. He filled me up just right but he was heavy as fuck! 

I like muscles and all, but I've never slept with a football player and he had all of his body weight on me! He was also kinda crushing my boobs, but I didn't want to say anything. Should I tell him, let's change positions and I get on top? I know how to make myself cum on top. But, for some reason, I didn't say anything. 

He kept on going with his basic bunny rabbit-type pumps and I laid there and took it.

I actually wasn't feeling him or this sex anymore and my mind was elsewhere. Maybe I needed another drink, my buzz was wearing off ... I'm feeling guilty for cheating ... Hell, I could've at least cheated with someone better who would've given more than the same type of rabbit pumps in bed. Such basic ass sex! 

This is the last time I sleep with an athlete.

Well, his basic sex pumps didn't last much longer because my friend Dani was banging on the door, AGAIN, and said I've been in the house way too long and she's ready to go home.

"Alright, give me like five minutes," I yell out. 

"That's what you said the last time!," she snaps back. 

"No, I swear, I'm coming out in a minute," I say. 

For real though, I'm done. 

I tap Mr. NFL on the shoulder and he stopped stroking, but he's still inside me, so I tap him again and I'm like, "I'm sorry, but I have to go."

He pleads for a little more time, but I insist I must go. I tell him that my friend will definitely come back and bang on his door again.

I was actually glad Dani knocked on the door, and during our ride home, as I was telling her about Mr. NFL's basic sex, 
I thanked her for "cock blocking."

Good job, Dani, good job!

Mr. NFL pulls his still hard dick out of me and we get up out of the bed. I'm looking around the floor to see where I kicked off my pants. The room is kinda dark and the only light on is coming from his TV. 

Aha! I find my pants. Great, let's get the fuck outta here because I shouldn't even be here in the first place.

As I bend down to put on my panties, over walks Mr. NFL. He takes the condom off, tosses it to the floor and moves right behind me. I'm still bent over, bare ass hanging out and he rubs his hard dick on my butt.

I didn't know what this dude was thinking because our sex was OVER. No more basic pumps for me. 

So I'm like, "umm, what are you doing?!?" and I stand up straight real fast. 

He says, "hold on, just let me finish ... I'm not gonna put it in." 


Mr. NFL starts rubbing his dick on my thigh and he jerks off. He bends me back down and then I feel warmish goo on my butt cheek and it's starting to leak down my butt.

I'm just bent over frozen like a statue and I don't know what else to say or do at this point.


He grabs a shirt and wipes his cum off my butt and I'm just thinking, what in the entire fuck!? Did dude just jerk off on my ass?? Really!?!?

After we get dressed, he walks me to the door and says some BS about chilling again and to let him know when I get home and blah, blah, blah.

I DID NOT text Mr. NFL when I got home ... I actually never texted him again. I was good on that.

What a waste of a number ... by number I mean sex number!

Too bad we can't take our sex back from someone because that would definitely be one of those times.

Stay tuned for another diary entry next week! I may continue my story with DJ from entry #4

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