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Dafuq!? Teen Murder Suspects Have The Nerve To Ask For Twitter & Snapchat Followers In Court

South Carolina teen murder suspects used their recent court appearance to gain followers on their social media accounts.

Four people were charged in the shooting death of a teenager outside of a bowling alley in Easley, South Carolina, according to WSB-TV

According to multiple reports, the murder suspects kept asking about the cameras in the courtroom. After being told the cameras were for the press, two of the teen suspects looked at the cameras and had the nerve to ask for social media followers.

“What’s up, y’all? You can follow me on Twitter follow me on Instagram, Snapchat," one

suspect said. 

Police then escorted the suspects out of the courtroom and they were denied bond in that court appearance.

Dafuq is wrong with people!? Smh.

[Source: WSB-TV]

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