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Fetty Wap Apologizes To Masika, Says He Wants What's Best For The Baby

Back in December, news broke that Fetty Wap and former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika are having a baby. It didn't take long for Fetty to deny Masika's baby and play it off like he was trapped. This will be his 165,431st baby. 

Well, now it looks like the Jersey rapper has had a change of heart. Fetty took to his social media account to issue an apology to the reality star and says he wants what is best for the baby:
Aw, I'm glad they worked out their issues. Fetty also tweeted out earlier:
I'm not sure if that tweet was directed towards Masika. 

She should return to LHHH and have her baby daddy, Fetty make an appearance. 

Do you think Fetty will propose to her now? Lol.