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Former 'Bad Girls Club' Star Natalie Nunn Blasts Tanisha Thomas, Says 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Amina Buddafly F*cked Her Ex, Discusses Her New Reality Show & More!

Natalie Nunn is gearing up for her return to reality TV and she's throwing shots while doing it!

The former Bad Girls Club star gave an earful on Periscope yesterday (Feb. 9)!

Natalie recalled the first time she met Flavor of Love star Tiffany Pollard a.k.a New York back when she was on BGC in 2009/2010. 

She revealed Tiffany was actually kinda rude to her because she didn't like the fact that she spit on another bad girl on her BGC season. If you recall, New York got spit on by Pumpkin on Flavor Of Love so she wasn't feeling Natalie based on what she saw on TV. 

Natalie also talked about not being on the new reality show The Next 15, why a Bad Boys Club won't happen, and she discussed her new reality show 
The Mother/Daughter ExperimentCelebrity Edition which will premiere March 1st on Lifetime. 
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Natalie also blasted Love & Hip Hop New York star Amina Buddafly (who is currently married to Peter Gunz). 

The reality star says, Amina slept with he ex, Olamide Faison, while she was filming her season of BGC. She claims Amina begged Olamide to marry her or have a kid with her because she needed a Visa to stay in the country. 


Watch both parts of Natalie's Periscope gossip session below:

Natalie also went in on a Twitter rant and blasted several BGC stars, including Tanisha Thomas, whom Natalie says she fell out with over a TV show. 

She threw several shots at Tanisha and also claimed both of them were hoe'ing around together several years ago. Yikes! 

Peep some of the tweets below:

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