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Gloria Govan Doesn't Give A F*ck! Goes Public With Derek Fisher (Photos)

Former Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan can give zero f*cks of what the public thinks and what her ex, Matt Barnes thinks.

She was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles with former Knicks coach, Derek Fisher, and the two looked as if they have no care in the world. 

Remember, back in October, it was reported that Matt allegedly went to go beat the sh*t out of Derek after founding out he was messing around with his ex. Then, back in February, Derek was fired as head coach of the Knicks. 

And, just last week, Derek wrote an essay to set the record straight about the whole Matt Barnes situation and getting fired (read that here). 

Well, Derek isn't hiding his relationship with Gloria anymore from his former Lakers teammate. Peep the photos below: 

I guess, forget about "guy code," hunh?

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