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Grandkids Play Out 'Papaw' And The Internet Is Pissed!

This made me sad :(

Twitter user Kelsey "@kelssseyharmon" uploaded a photo of her grandfather eating a hamburger (and looking lonely) at a table. She tweeted on Wednesday that she was the only one of six grandkids to show up for burger night at "Papaw's house" 

"Dinner with papaw tonight," she wrote. "He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I'm the only one who showed."
The photo immediately went viral as people started feeling sad for Pawpaw and were pissed at the other five grandkids who didn't show up. 
Montell Williams even tweeted out about Pawpaw:
The tweet also sparked a number of memes and comments: 

The lesson here: Never take grandparents for granted! And, if you do, the internet will troll the mess out of you!

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