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#TGIM: Do What You Really Want To Do + See My Vision Board, Create Your Own!

My vision board!
Ready. Set. Let's Do This!

Hey, OooLaLaFam!

So, last week I Periscoped about speaking your dreams into existence. (Read that post HERE if you missed the chat)

I also challenged everyone to create a vision board and I just finished mine:

Here is a closer view of my board

- I included things that make me happy, like a picture of my dog
- There's a picture of myself at the Color Run as a reminder to get fit
- I have a bunch of photos of places I want to go (Paris) and where I want to work (NYC)
- Plus, a daily reminder of quotes, words that make me happy and 'Your Book Here' because I'm working on an eBook

I will most likely add more things to the vision board in the future.
For now, this will do!
I bought a cork board and some thumb tacks
for $8 at Michaels art & crafts store
(regular poster paper will also do)

And, today's #TGIM message is doing what makes you happy: 

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Watch my recent Periscope video HERE for more about doing what makes you happy. 

And, don't forget to join me next Monday on Periscope for more Monday motivation.

Let's have another great & productive week!

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