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#TGIM | Speak Your Goals Into Existence

Happy Monday, OooLaLaFam!

What is it you want to accomplish, your aspiration in life?
What are your dreams, those short & long term goals?

So, I was watching Being on Saturday night which featured actress LisaRaye (remember her from the Players Club?) and she mentioned something that stuck with me ... creating a vision board.

Yes! This is a great tool to help you get focused.

If you've never heard of a vision board, it's a collage of different, pictures, images, words and affirmations of your dreams and goals. (Read more about vision boards HERE)

Creating a vision board of our goals is a great way to constantly remind us of what we want to achieve. 

In addition to visually painting out our goals, we also need to speak them into existence and constantly remind ourselves so we can accomplish them. 

Remember your words are powerful and if you constantly remind yourself of what it is you want to accomplish, you will set your goals in motion. 

"There is power in the words we utter!"

There is power in the words we utter!

In addition to this, you should also tell your family and friends of your goals. Share some of the things you're looking to achieve and also listen to their goals. By sharing your goals with one another, you are more likely to hold each other accountable in getting them done. 

"Step out of you comfort zones and get sh*t done!"


Write down the goals you have accomplished already as a reminder of what you can check off. Good job for accomplishing those goals so far!

I jotted down my list really quick on Twitter...
my career goals and things I already accomplished.

I will type this up and tape it to my mirror as a reminder.
The mirror is one place where I look everyday.


- Write out your goals
- Paint the vision
- Speak the words 
- Belive in yourself
- Have positive energy
- Tell others
- Put your plan in motion!

Have a great day, every one and lets have a productive week! 

What are some of your goals? Drop a comment below! 

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