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Beyonce Responds To 'Formation' Haters: "I Am Against Police Brutality And Injustice"

In a rare interview, Beyonce responded to all the criticism she has received after releasing her video to "Formation" and delivering a powerful Super Bowl performance.

Beyonce was called a racist and even some police officers threatened to boycott her Formation Tour. 

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, the 34-year-old singer shared her love for Black culture and spoke out against police brutality. 

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Bey says she was trying to make a statement, but refused to accept being anti-police.
“I’m proud of what we created and I’m proud to be a part of a conversation that is pushing things forward in a positive way."

"I have so much admiration and respect for officers and the families of officers who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. But let’s be clear: I am against police brutality and injustice. Those are two separate things."

"If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me.”
Bloop! Just like that!
Check out the full interview over at Elle

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