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"Don't Touch Me!," Kylie Jenner Tells A Young Fan Who Grabbed Her Arm (Video)

Tyga's 18-year-old boo Kylie Jenner was surrounded by a mob of young fans and the paps on Thursday in West Hollywood. There's a video going around showing Kylie saying "don't touch me!"  to a little girl who approached her and grabbed her arm. 

"She wasn't annoying," the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star tweeted out to fans earlier. "She came in the restaurant after and I had a talk with her and we took photos."

"She just apologized for grabbing on to me so hard... & said she was a big fan and we embraced & took pics. I just said u can't be doing that. It's scary when I can't see & have no [security] already." 

Watch the encounter below:

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