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Real Talk Alert: Don't Let Anyone Rush You Into Marriage

Look, I don't care how old you are... 

Don't let society, your significant other, your friends or your family pressure you into marriage. There is no set age limit to this, there are no rules. 

Marry that special someone when YOU are good and ready and when YOU feel like it's right in your heart and with the right person, okay. Trust me, you'll know when it's right.

I swear, as soon as I turned 30 last year, I started getting hit with the questions: "when are you going to get married?" ... Umm ... Like, don't worry about it... let me do me. I don't want that right now. Maybe one day. But, not anytime soon. 

(Unless my boo Usher proposes to me, then all bets are off) 

Okay, rant over. 

- Advice From La La.