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Kelly Ripa Returns To 'Live!,' Michael Strahan Will Exit The Show Earlier Than Expected

Michael Strahan is chuckin' up the deuces to the Live! With Kelly and Michael show and he's moon-walking out of there early. 

Kelly Ripa returned back to the talk show today after supposedly being blindsided last week by the news that Michael is leaving to join Good Morning America

There were also numerous rumors floating around last week that there is tension between Kelly and Michael after his announcement of leaving the show. 

Now, Michael was originally set to leave Live! in the late summer to start GMA in September, but not anymore! Homeboy put in his two weeks notice and is bouncing on Friday, May 13th, according to numerous reports.  


Well, congrats on the move to Michael, but I think Kelly has every right to be in her feelings. What do you think?